Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! All the music we provide on this site is available free of charge.
Obtaining the rights we need to provide this music to you is not cheap so we must rely on ads to fund the growth of our song selections. We also have costs such as server hosting, development and support. You also have the option to Subscribe to recieve an ad free viewing experience, along with additional benefits!
A song represents an original piece of music created by an artist. A score is an arrangement created by Melody Measures. There are multiple scores per song because a song can have different arrangements - for example, a song might have a solo + piano arrangement, an orchestra arrangement, and a piano arrangement.
Sure, you can request a song by going to the Contact Us Page and then choosing the "Song Request" category. Unfortunately, however, due to licensing, we may not be able to fufill every song request.
We will review unique arrangements of songs; however, they have to be an arrangement of a song that is well-known (meaning, not an original composition of yours, but rather, an original arrangement of another song).

If your score meets that requirement, we will review the arrangement and see if it meets the quality standards of the site. You must ensure that you own the copyright to the arrangement (ex. not a midi file ripped of the internet) and be willing to grant Melody Measures permission to use the arrangement.

To submit a score for review, submit it in the Contact Us page under the "Song Request" category. Make sure to include the name of the original song, your name, email, and a link to your original arrangement.
Score Viewer Usage
Most online sheet music is just that - sheet music, stored as an image or a document. Unfortunately, this means that these sheets are completely static - if it's not scored for your instrument, or written in a key signature you like, then there's nothing you can do!

Melody Measures aims to solve that. We've developed a web app that gives you the ability to edit these scores in real time, right from the browser, without any expensive score editing tools. You can change the instrumentation to whatever fits your needs - as well as change the key signature, tempo, and other aspects of the score!
Our web app is currently compatible with all browsers that are HTML5 compliant. These are currently: Internet Explorer 9+, IE Edge, and all major versions of other browsers.

However, not all browsers currently support the score viewer's playback features. To use the playback features, you must have a browser that supports the WebAudio standard. Browsers that are not currently supported include all versions of Internet Explorer, Opera Mini, Android 2.1-4.4.4, Blackberry Browser, and IE Mobile.
Some browsers currently do not support the features or audio formats we use to provide playback features. Check back often, though, because we're always working to add support for more browsers!
To change the key of an entire song, use the "Transpose To:" dropdown to select a key. The score will then be transposed for you. For more fine-tuning, you can also use the "Transpose Selection" dialog under the "Transpose" navigation item.
To change an instrument within the score, first select a measure from the staff or staves you'd like to change, then use the "Instrument:" dropdown to select a new instrument. The staff or staves you selected will also be automatically transposed for the instrument you selected. If you need an instrument that's not in the "Instruments" dropdown or you want more control over the process, you can use the "Change Instrument" dialog under the "Staff" heading.
To print, you must export the score as a PDF. To export the entire score, use the "Export to PDF" option in the "File" dropdown, or you can export all the individual parts using the "Export Parts to PDF" option.
There are many benefits to subscribing, including ad-free viewing and watermark-free printing. In addition, your subscription helps mitigate the cost of licensing, which helps us add more songs to our database in the future.

Check out the Subscribe page for more information.
We use a third-party payment provider, Braintree Payments, a subsidiary of PayPal, to process your credit card or PayPal information. None of your secure information is passed through our servers.
If you have any issue at all with your subscription, please feel free to contact us immediately and we will work with you to resolve your issue quickly.